Founded in the UAE in 2017, F&F has a reputation for big ideas, new insights, relentless tenacity and achieving exceptional results for our clients.

We work with brands in F&B, hotels, fashion, art, design, health & beauty and lifestyle.

With a commitment to consistently producing work that is both original and highly impressive, F&F has help develop and position brands in a manner that supports their overall business goals.

Our events are the most powerful way of generating publicity, activating new campaigns, attracting attention, and making a memorable statement to promote, our clients.

Public relations is your most important tool for credibility. It generates awareness specially through social media and email, that are highly effective in getting your brand more known.

If you are a food or fashion business, we have numerous new opportunities for you to reach out directly to customers, clients and new audiences. 


Ana Olmeda

Founder and CEO


Ana was born in Spain, but she left many years ago. She lived and worked in many different places (France, UK, Malta…) before landing to her dream city Dubai, where she has been for five years, and where she decided to settle and open her own company. 


She is Bachelors Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Events Management and she opened F&F following her passion and background of many years in the media and events industry.

Ana´s hobbies are reading, travelling, discovering other cultures, visiting museums and cooking.

Winner Best Event Management CEO 2018 - UAE from CEO Monthly Magazine

Diana Pérez

Sales and Events Manager


Diana was born in Argentina, and she started traveling when she finished her studies of Social Communication.

She specialized in events and shows production in the city of Barcelona, and later she worked in this area in China, the Caribbean and Mexico City.

Her passion is organizing things, and she loves to connect people and ideas.

She has a little daugther called Mia, who is her biggest source of energy and inspiration.

Obaid Fayez



Born and raised in Dubai, Obaid has held senior leadership roles in other companies before landing in F&F. These positions demanded flawless organization, attention to detail, and a passion for helping people.

He uses his eye for detail and high energy to ensure our events leave a lasting impression.

Outside of event management, his time is dedicated to traveling around the world, discovering new restaurants and lounges in Dubai and spending time with his loved ones.

Sheherazade EL-Assaad

Content Creator and Blogger


I've always loved to write and I was tired of my family and friends asking me to start a blog, so I decided to join F&F as a food and fashion blogger.

I love spending time with my family, watching movies, listening to music, going out with my friends and finding new coffee shops and restaurants anywhere I travel.

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