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Image by ZQ Lee


Established in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, F&F has swiftly become synonymous with visionary concepts, fresh perspectives, unwavering determination, and the attainment of remarkable outcomes for our esteemed clientele. Our expertise lies in providing ingenious marketing solutions spanning the realms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and hospitality.

Committed to consistently producing work that emanates originality and wields profound influence, F&F has been instrumental in the evolution of brands, aligning them seamlessly with their overarching business objectives.

At the heart of our endeavors are events that resonate as the most potent means of eliciting public attention, catalyzing novel campaigns, seizing the spotlight, and etching indelible statements that resonate in support of our clients' promotions. Our events stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to leave an unforgettable mark in the realm of publicity and engagement.


Image by Damiano Baschiera

Rosana Largo, Pegasus Award Fashion Show in Italy

Christmas Pine Tree

🎄🌟 Experience the Magic of Christmas! 🌟🎄

be happiness.jpeg

Be Happiness: Spanish Fashion Label Spreading Joy 



Collaborating with numerous esteemed brands spanning fashion, beauty, jewelry, lifestyle, and hospitality, both domestically and internationally, constitutes a cornerstone of our operations.

It is a source of immense pride and honor for us to be associated with a collection of globally renowned five-star brands that have placed their confidence in us to elevate and safeguard their brand identity while yielding outcomes of profound significance.

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