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Women Who Want Better, a wellness and sustainability event

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Sponsored by Bounty Beets, Le Meridien Airport, Garhoud

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021

Choose one of two sessions: 9am to 12pm or 4pm to 7pm

Free Admission & Complimentary Coffee, Bites & Gift Bag

Are you a woman who is curious about how to live a more sustainable life but can’t seem to wrap your head around all the information that is out there? Are you often stressed, exhausted and unfulfilled but can’t seem to slow down the pace of life long enough to get proactive?

Does living with more intention, more purpose and according to your own pace and desires sound like an unachievable dream?

Women Who Want Better is an event created to show you that with a few small simple shifts in your life and a fresh perspective, you can find greater fulfilment and do good for the planet too.

Join us for the first of the series, where we bring you experts in Mind, Body, Soul and Eco-Conscious Consumption, along with extra hands-on activations to inspire you to kick off your journey towards a slow and sustainable life!

Bonus: Our sponsor and venue BOUNTY BEETS is extending special “Sips in The City” Ladies Offer for lunch and supper: AED 99 for 5 drinks and unlimited small bites or AED 149 for 5 drinks, dinner & dessert.


About Boundarie

Boundarie_ started as a slow fashion brand seeking to provide high quality, sustainable & ethical options to fight the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry. Today, our vision reaches further; to help women see how their daily decisions impact the planet and inspire them to live a more intentional, slow and sustainable life.


Meet some of the speakers now!

Ilse Onderweegs is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMU), Integrative

Nutritional Health Coach (IIN) and Founder of ICO Healthy Living. She will be tackling the

topic of Gut Health, it’s impacts on our wellbeing and the connection to sustainability.


Charlene Nawar is an ex-lawyer turned sustainability consultant, podcast hostess and

founder of eco-store Unwrapped. She will lead a discussion that highlights the key

difference between overconsumption vs mindful consumption, particularly as it relates to fashion. @theunwrappedco

Namrata Budhraja and Sukriti Verma are the Founders of Shift Eco - a one stop shop for

eco-friendly living. They will walk us through tips, tricks and recommended products that

can help us make small shifts to an eco-friendly lifestyle. @shifteco

Alia Almutawa is a Certified master life coach, breathwork, bodywork, energy and somatic practitioner, and Founder of Divine Leap, a sacred sanctuary for holistic practices. Alia will lead each 3-hour session with a breathwork exercise that will help set the tone and intention for the event. @divineleap

Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, is the founder of Illuminations Well-Being Center, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Wellness Coach and Corporate trainer.

She will share compelling insight on the power of our mind, how we can declutter in the digital age, and make the shift from being mind FULL to mindful. @illuminationsworld

Silke Ahlden, is an Image Consultant, Certified Stylist and Stylist Coach.

Using Boundarie pieces and more, Silke will provide women who visit her workshop with tips on how best to dress and style their body type. Dressing with intention and by putting ourselves first is key to taking steps to a slow fashion mindset. @silke_styles

Guddi Bajaj is a social entrepreneur, sustainable arts and crafts teacher, candle manufacturer and furniture upcycling expert.

Candles are more than just decor, Guddi shares why while she shows you how to pour your own soy candle in a DIY worshops. Take yours home as Boundarie's gift to you!

Don’t miss out!

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