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The magical cocktails of Carnival by Tresind

Located in the busy DIFC, Carnival by Tresind is a celebration of Indian food in the most beautiful and elegant environment. Their decoration is really unique, with black walls, golden trees and black and white floor tiles.

Dining at Carnival is a gastronomic fiesta that will leave you amazed with their interesting dishes and cooking methods, and their cocktails and drinks our of this world.

Carnival pretends to introduce the world to Indian food beyond the modern era. Culinary techniques used in contemporary gastronomy were always a part of traditional Indian cuisine but sadly couldn’t be popularized. With Carnival, they want to claim everything back to India and celebrate their timeless recipes, heritage and culture and share it with the world.

In the post-modern Indian experience of Carnival by Tresind, every dish has been derived from ancient Indian cooking methods and the memories of the team members, however in this post we want to focus on the drinks.

The Carnival drinks experience will offer a roller coaster ride of emotions with every sip, where there is something for everyone, also really unique mocktails, see below the ones we tased!

The first cocktail is the Robust Zacapa, with Ron Zacapa 23 years, bitters, citrus perfume and apple wood smoke. The cocktail is presented inside a glass bell, and the smell of the smoked apple wood when the open is just amazing.

The Flamingo Sling, a classic Singapore sling, it's really nice, sweet, balanced and a well served.

The Rich n' Happy cocktail was delicious, with cognac, creme de banana, creme de vanilla, amaretto and bitter, and seved with chocolates and nuts inside the ice, very cool!

The Zobo Sour, has Jack Daniels, bitters and home made zobo mixture.

The Perfect Harvest, was really beautiful and unique, with sweet potato and lavender infused vodka, pinapple and bitter.

The most curious one was the Popcorn Spitzer, presented in a popcorn box with real popcorn on the top that you can eat. It has white rum, aperol, grapefruit and prosecco.

The Red Ligh Negroni, with bols genever, campari, martini rosso, dark chocolate and citrus dust was served in a light bulb.

One of the mocktails we had was the Yellowtail, with a blend of mango and passion fruit fizzed with sprite and presented with smoky dry ice.

We definitely recommed a visit to Carnival by Tresind if you want to feast your eyes or impress your guests.

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