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Updated: Sep 29

Fashion Revolution UAE is set to host its annual Fashion Revolution Week from April 24th to 29th, 2023. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, Fashion Revolution, the world’s largest fashion activism movement unites to promote transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices in the global fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution Week 2023 will focus on these three key manifesto points:

  • Fashion respects culture and heritage, fostering skills and craftsmanship, and never appropriates without giving due credit or permission.

  • Fashion stands for solidarity, inclusiveness, and democracy, championing diversity as crucial for success.

  • Fashion is mindful of waste, repairing, reusing, recycling, and upcycling to prevent overflowing wardrobes and landfills.

Throughout the week, Fashion Revolution UAE will host various events, panel discussions, workshops, and even a catwalk.


April 24: Online Panel (5:30 PM) – “Fashion for all by all. Can fashion become a force for good?” Araceli Gallego, Fashion Revolution UAE Country Coordinator and founder of Goshopia will moderate a panel with Ameni Esseibi- a plus-size model, Jen Sault from Thrift for Good, and Theresa Tsui from Skills3.

April 25: Online Panel Discussion (5:30 PM) – “What goes around comes around: Circularity in fashion” where Armelle Montmayeur will open the floor to discover the many possibilities with Sylvia Calvo, Angana Maheshwari from Veganologie, Myjoliebump and Salima Alaoui from Upsclusive.

April 26: Online Panel Discussion (5:30 PM) – “Cultural Appreciation vs Cultural Appropriation” with Araceli Gallego, Dr. Reem El Mutwalli from The Zay Collective, Reiting Lee, and Yasmin Barakat from The Oriental Hybrid.

April 27: Online Masterclass (5:30 PM) – “Caring for your clothes“. Learn how to care for your clothes and make them last longer with Armelle Montmayeur, Marie Sulebi from Tidynest, and Olivia Bou Anton from Because we care.

April 28: Online Brainstorming (5:30 PM) – “Building the agenda on the road to COP28“. Let’s have a collective brainstorm to express what the community and civil society expect and want for the coming COP28, what problems concern us, and what solutions we need to be implemented. Do you want to share something? Join us. It is open to everyone. Let’s drive change together!

April 29: In person event- Grand Finale of Fashion Revolution Week. A day full of events at the Media One Hotel. Come and enjoy from 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM the pop-up market with the Sustainable Souk, Climate Fresk Workshop, create your capsule closet workshop with Silke Styles, a Declutter Masterclass, Documentary Screening, Book signing by Vino Supraja, Theatre Play with actress Vaanmadhi, the catwalk of the Grand Finale of the Student Competition, and the Awards Ceremony. Come, join the judges, and vote for your favorite designs! Awards will be pieces of art by the renowned upcycling artist Pierre Abboud.

Fashion Revolution aims to raise awareness about the impact of the global fashion industry on the environment and people while inspiring a shift towards more sustainable consumer behavior. The events will engage industry leaders, educators, designers, academics, writers, marketers, producers, makers, workers, and fashion lovers in a collective effort to create a better future for fashion.

As a community-driven initiative, Fashion Revolution thanks its sponsors and supporters. Hotel Media One, Goshopia, F&F Dubai, Ziina, L’Amour Institute of Beauty School, Thrift for Good, Veghana, Pierre Abboud, and all the Universities that are participating in the Student competition.

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