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SLAB a hidden gem in La Mer

Fresh Ingredients. Simple Design. Casual Dining. Refined Techniques. We are Inspired. We are SLAB.

These are the words you can find in their Facebook profile, and thet are totally true.

I had the opportunity to try this restaurant recently, located in the famous area of La Mer. The decoration was very simple and cozy, with grey furniture and pastel coloured salt shakers, open kitchen and terrace, perfect to enjoy winter nights by the sea.

Chef Omar Rodríguez and his team created an unique menu, based in seasonal products, so every time you go you have the opportunity to try something different and with the best quality.

During my visit I had:

- Snapper Ceviche: gooseberry, shisho, black lime

- Kale salad: crispy shallots, mint, lime mojo, dressing

- Organic miso salmon: yuzu, charred spring onion, furakaki

- Spicy noddles: minced schezuan chicken, peanuts, cucumber, spring onion

- Crispy octopus: gochujang alioli, perilla leaf, lime

- Tiramisú

- Insanity pie: sour cream ice cream

Most of the flavours were unique and new to my taste buds especially the snaper ceviche that was fantastic, and the organic miso salmon.

I definitely recommed a visit to Slab if you want to have an unique breakfast, lunch or dinner, in a casual but modern venue and with the guarantee that they use the best and fresher ingredients.

For bookings or info contact us on

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