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Neural Health: cure your pain with virtual reality

Say hi to our new client Neural Health©!

Neural Health developed a patented technology to reduce pain and anxiety in chronic pain patients and burnout prevention for their corporate employees, all without drugs.

Discover Neural Health and free yourself from stress, pain and anxiety!

Why use Neural Health in your company?

  • Diagnosis in 2 min Discover the level of anxiety and risk of Burnout in 2 min

  • Develop your session: Get the best version of your collaborators in a therapy based on Virtual Reality.

  • Corporate Platform: You can check levels of exhaustion by area and your own risk of Burnout and progress confidentially.

Healthcare is a major adopter of this technology, which can help with skill training, stress management, and even anxiety management. On the other hand, pain management is a common approach and scientific studies indicate how virtual and augmented reality can help relieve stress and anxiety for patients experiencing acute pain.

Although it may seem like an extravagant or expensive solution, it is surprisingly affordable and certainly accessible to the general public, clinics, hospitals and companies who want to prevent stress in their employees.

More info:

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