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L´Eto Caffe

I love cute and cozy cafés and when I heard about L´Eto I was sure I would love it. They opened their first caffe in 2011 in London, and with the time they expanded internationally, but the esence of their first restaurant never changed.

On their own words L’ETO philosophy blends the heart and mind of nutritious and healthy dining complemented by palatable variety of desserts, like their distinctive cakes, flavoursome regional breakfast choices and a la carte menu.

They have serveral branches around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the one I visited is located in City Walk.

The decoration is really elegant and I would say romantic. You can find flowers hanging from the ceiling, elegant flower vases everywhere, candles, mirrors, paintings and ceiling to floor windows with stunning white wooden frames, allowing the natural light to pour into the dining room.

They have two counters one for the salads and cold dishes and another one for the cakes. The colours and and display it is a truly feast for the eyes, as you can see in the photos below.

They serve Mediterranean influenced dishes like Teriyaki Salmon, Roasted Rosemary Turkey, or Honey Roasted Pumpkin and Kale, Mushroom Quiche or Red And White Quinoa Salad. They also pride themselves to have the best desserts in town like the Pistachio Rose & Raspberry Cake, Birdberry Cake, or Dulce De Leche Cake. L´Eto dishes are simple yet sophisticated.

These are just a few of the dishes that can be found on their extense menu, let me tell you now what did I try on my recent visit.

I started ordering a Cafe Mocha, that was really delicious. For lunch I tried the oyster mushrooms and potato salad as a starter, that had very well balanced flavours and healthy ingredients.

For main courses we had the porcini risotto, that is one of my favourite dishes, and the lamb with Egyptian rice, pomegranate and spices.

Everything was well cooked, well presented and good portions. Well done L´Eto Caffe!

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