Fashion Revolution UAE 2021 Agenda

Join Fashion Revolution Week and Make Sustainability a Fashion Statement.

Most people could not pinpoint where each item of clothing in their closet came from, how it was made and are in fact unaware of why these questions should be asked. That’s where Fashion Revolution UAE comes in: the organization seeks to raise awareness on how the clothes we buy affect the human rights of those involved in the supply chain, as well as the environment.

Fashion Revolution UAE is part of a larger, not-for-profit global fashion activism movement that campaigns for a more sustainable fashion industry, raising awareness of its most pressing environmental and social issues, and calling for systemic reforms that tackle poverty, human rights violations, low wages, discrimination, environmental pollution, waste and lack of transparency.

Fashion Revolution Week is observed by over 90 countries and takes place annually around the anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory, where 1,134 lost their lives and still more were affected as a result of factory owner negligence. By amplifying the voices of makers, producers and workers, Fashion Revolution hopes to see a transformative change in the fashion industry.

A glimpse at the week’s agenda…

19th April – Online Panel Discussion about textile innovation

Zoom Conference, 5 PM GST

A panel discussion on how textile innovation can help reduce waste and dress the next generation in a more sustainable way. We will be joined by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, Founder and Chief Creative & Innovation Officer for Ananas Anam Ltd, the makers of Piñatex®, an innovative natural textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre, and Hannes Schoenegger, co-founder and CEO of Bananatex®, the world's first durable, waterproof fabric made purely from Banana plants.

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20th April – Online Panel Discussion about healthy relationships within the industry

Zoom Conference, 4:30 PM GST

A panel of representatives of different stakeholders of the fashion supply chain share their perspectives and shed light on unique issues to find common solutions for a fairer, more transparent industry. We will be joined by Ioana Hardy, founder of the Impacters Group, representing the media angle, and Bav Tailor, founder of her eponymous sustainable luxury clothing brand, representing the designer’s perspective.

Representing the consumer’s perspective and moderating this talk will be Adela Alonso, Founder of AlonsoAlonso, the Strategic Branding and Innovation Consultancy, and special judge of Fashion Revolution UAE’s Sustainable Fashion Competition 2021.

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21st April - Online Panel Discussion about microplastics

Zoom Conference, 4:30 PM GST

Azalea Watfa, from Azraq Marine Conservation will explain and discuss with Colette Barr, author of The Eco-Heroes series, and Araceli Gallego, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution UAE and founder of, how microplastics can harm sea life. Azraq Marine Conservation is a non-profit marine conservation organization registered with the Community Development Authority in the United Arab Emirates.

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22nd April – Sustainable Fashion Competition Digital Show

Zoom Conference, 5 PM GST

A digital sustainable fashion show highlighting the work of 10 finalists from Fashion Revolution’s student competition, where budding designers all over the UAE were challenged to design 3 ready-to-wear outfits that incorporate circular design strategies. Special judges are Adela Alonso, Amanda Rushforth, Silke Ahlden and Araceli Gallego. The public will also be able to vote after watching the show.

Finalists are competing for the below exclusive prizes:

  • First place: a 3-month mentorship program from AlonsoAlonso, the Strategic Branding and Innovation Consultancy founded by Adela Alonso.