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Luz Maria Villagras Surco is the Founder and CEO of Positive Living UAE, she is a Peruvian Self Made Entrepreneur, who lives in the UAE for the past 23 years. Luz has worked for many Multi-National & International companies such as Honeywell, Repsol YPF, Shell Oil & Gas Company and Emirates Airlines among many others 500 fortune list companies.

Luz has always succeeded in anything she has put her mind into, her constant passion and commitment to achieve and thrive anything she does, has make her one of the best examples of a efficient leader. Luz is also a philanthropist.

Luz is a professional, passionate and energetic individual dedicated to empower women and men to “Learn the Art of Happiness”. Luz shares her expertise and knowledge to deliver impeccable services to her clients. She works with an amazing team of talented professionals (women and men) committed to caring and nurturing people, who are ready to make a smart move and transform their lives. Luz is a mix of a Native Peruvian tribe and the Spanish conquistador’s blood. She was raised on a small shanty town of Cusco, on a very humble environment, at a very early age she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Luz always enjoyed traveling and learning about the history and architecture of Peru and ultimately the whole world. For Luz, Peru and it’s culture was the main motivation key factor for her to travel and learn more about other cultures around the world and that is how she ended up in living in the United Arab Emirates.

Luz wants to offer you Positive Living’s Holistic Services that will shape your attitude, your mind and ultimately assist you in this beautiful journey called “Life”.

"Positive Living is having the right attitude towards life” Our mission is to enforce holistic & scientific methods of understanding your body’s needs and infuse more positivism and health into your life!

We believe that, “if you are personally happy from inside, then the success will come effortlessly and more naturally fall into place.”

No matter how eagle-eyed and sharp-suited you are, or how successful you think you are, you will never reach your full potential unless you are happy FIRST.

We are able to offer a combination of Life Coaching, Hypnosis Therapy, NLP Counselling, Energy Healing, among many other services designed to jumpstart your lifestyle.

We will guide you on a journey on Re-Learning The Art of Simply Being Happy & Fulfilled.

You do already know-how to be happy. You have just forgotten that you know. But like an untidy teens’ room hiding their favorite childhood toy, we just need to help you to clear away some of the dirt and tidy up your mind, a bit.

My team and I, will assist you to clear some floor space so you can see your mental carpet again. After a session with one of our therapist, you will be able to put away and organize all those things in your mind that does not serve you anymore. You will make room to remember and bring back the perfection you were born with!

Now the mess seems overwhelming! Un-doable! But that is why we are offering to lend you a hand and hold the figurative trash bag open for you!

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+971 50 7956416

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