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Discover our own coffee brand CAFFEE by F&F

For us coffee is so much more than a beverage it´s part of our life and our community.

Since we already host a monthly event called "El Café" for more than 2 years now, where a group of people (more than 40!) join us to discover the best spots in Dubai, we thought it was a great idea to launch our own brand!

It is a single origin (Brazil) speciallity coffee, and it has been roasted and packed in Dubai.

Brazil's geography makes it ideal for growing coffee. Nearly all of the country lies within the tropical zone. Its relatively stable, mostly hot and humid climate (which ranges from tropical to temperate), along with its rich soils, mean that conditions are prime for coffee crops.

CAFFEE possess an intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate notes, big bodies, and a relatively low acidity.

Our production is very limited and exclusive at the moment, if you want to get yours contact us now on

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