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Be Happiness: Spanish Fashion Label Spreading Joy Worldwide

Updated: 2 days ago

Founded in 2013, Be Happiness has become a symbol of positive vibes and a vibrant enthusiasm for life, with its home firmly rooted in Ourense, Galicia, Spain. As an innovative fashion brand, it embodies a unique blend of cheerfulness, passion, fun, and a daring irreverence. Its name alone speaks volumes about the brand's philosophy – "Being Happiness". For the Be Happiness team, these two words effortlessly fuse together, encapsulating their mission to imbue every creation with a positive, assertive character that bestows each piece with a unique personality.

Be Happiness has cemented its place as a global player in the fashion industry, spreading their message of joy throughout Spain, Italy, France, and recently in Portugal and the United Arab Emirates via multi-brand online stores. This broad-reaching presence is a testament to the universal appeal of their spirited collections.

Innovatively marrying fashion with artistic expression, Be Happiness boasts a distinctive collection of garments and illustrations that brim with positive messages. They masterfully create illustrations of admired characters from various fields – music, film, fashion – meticulously crafting their image and encapsulating their career, experiences, and passions within their designs. Their work extends beyond the physical garments, embedding inspiring narratives and positive messages that invoke powerful emotions and captivate observers.

Adhering to the latest fashion trends while remaining true to their core philosophy, Be Happiness serves as an artistic mirror, reflecting the passions and aspirations of its audience. The artwork of Be Happiness becomes a celebration of personal journey and individuality, transforming the garments into more than mere fashion statements.

The brand's signature motif, the Leopard Ladybug, stands as a beacon of respect, tolerance, and freedom. This symbol is a visual embodiment of their core values and represents the brand's dedication to uplifting spirits and embracing diversity.

As a Time Less Fashion Brand, Be Happiness understands the rapidly changing fashion landscape. They consistently introduce new designs, seamlessly aligning their unique brand philosophy with the ever-evolving tastes of the global fashion community. Their ability to keep pace with trends while preserving their unique ethos has set them apart in the bustling fashion industry.

Be Happiness, in its essence, serves as a reminder for people to embrace happiness and embody positivity. It's more than just a brand; it's a philosophy, a lifestyle that encourages individuality, self-expression, and joy. By amalgamating fashion, art, and a powerful narrative, Be Happiness continues to impact the global fashion scene, spreading its wings to more corners of the world.

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