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Join the clothing swap corner at the Sustainable Souk!

Updated: Apr 4

A clothing swap party is an event in which people exchange used clothing in order to promote sustainable consumption. By borrowing and lending, one can acquire additional clothing without incurring additional costs.

Everyone brings their “old” clothes to trade for other clothes. Rather than donate or throw away the stuff you don't wear, a clothing swap creates an opportunity for exchanging your unused or unwanted items.

When we swap our clothes it helps to reduce natural resources, you see it takes a whopping 7,000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans and almost 3,000 liters to make one cotton t-shirt!


  • The event starts at 12pm

  • You can bring up to 5 items in good condition

  • Items will be tagged with your details

  • You can swap with other items from the same category

  • There is a small handling fee of AED15 (hangers, rails and tags will be provided)

  • If you don't want your items after the event anymore, they will be donated to Thrift for Good Charity.

See you on Saturday 8th April at NH Collection Hotel Palm

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