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The Georgian Brunch at MODI

Have you tried Georgian food? You really need to visit Modi Dubai, in Sofitel Downtown! I visited this restaurant recently and I had so much fun. MODI is not only about the food. There you will also enjoy live performance, folk dance and Georgian music whilst overlooking the city’s landscape. The views over Jumeirah, City Walk and the sea are amazing (even Burj Khalifa from the back side), since they are located in the 31st floor.

Georgian cuisine is very unique, because it carries some influences from other Caucasian, Eastern European and nearby Middle Eastern culinary traditions. Also Each historical province of Georgia has its own distinct culinary tradition. The most popular are meat dishes, but you can also find vegetarian options.

At MODI they source the freshest, organic ingredients from Georgia offering a complete Georgian dining experience, right here in the heart of Dubai.

The brunch takes place every Friday from 1-4pm, but hurry up and book now, as they will be closing for Ramadan. The offer is 5 course set menu+live show for 200 per person or 350 with alcohol.

You can see below what is included in the menu:

SOUPS CHIKHIRTMA Soup: Chicken, flour, butter, eggs, vinegar and coriander / Served with Georgian tradional bread Shoti


SUPKHARCHO Soup: Beef breast, rice, tomatoes, onions and Georgian herbs / Served with Georgian tradional bread Shoti

KAKHURI SALAD: Mixed organic: Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, basil and parsley with “kakhetian” sunflower oil and vinegar

PKHALEULIS TABLA: Assorted minced vegetable

A paste made of walnuts, fried eggplants, bell pepper and coriander

IMERULI KHACHAPURI (2 pieces): Filled cheese bread

KHINKALI (2 pieces): Georgian juicy dumpling with calf chop meat and Georgian herbs

KHBOS CHASHUSHULI: Stew calf meat with fresh tomatoes, Georgian herbs spices and fries.

OR MIX MTSVADI: Charcoal grilled lamb, chicken and calf with grilled mix vegetables

OR SEA BASS: With rosemary and boiled vegetables


The dress code is smart casual and the place is family friendly. I wore a floral jumpsuit as you can see in the video review. For bookings or info:

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