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Chalcos Mexican Grill

If you like Mexican food you should definitely visit Chalcos. It is the ideal place for a causal lunch or dinner in the beautiful surronding of JLT, as they have a terrace where you can sit by the lake, really nice and chilling in this cold months.

They also have tables inside, where you can eat and see how they make your food in the open food counter.

The decoration is really instagrameable, with the wall painted in bright yellow colour with a Mexican couple of skeletons eating tacos and burritos and drinking Jarritos! A very traditional Mexican soda served at Chalcos.

During my visit I tryed the nachos and a burrito, one of my favourites foods ever. They where really nice and big portions. All their food is made on site and cooked fresh daily, the meats are marinated overnight, and the salsas are freshly made. Home cooked tortilla chips and imported Mexican drinks. Chalco's really brings a taste of Mexico with a touch of California to Dubai.

I recommend also to try the offers they have, as you can get amazing deals very cheap, like the business lunch for AED 30 only including burrito (marinated grilled chicken, pulled chicken, Chile beef or veggies, plus a can of drink with tortilla chips and salsa) really unbeatable offer, and they are opening branches all around Dubai!

Dress code is casual, and they also have the option to deliver or take away.

For bookings or info contact us on

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