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Friday Brunch at Mint Leaf Dubai

There are many reasons to visit Mint Leaf Dubai, in DIFC.

One of them is the place itself. The restaurants it’s located in the 15th floor of the Emirates Financial Tower (South Tower) in DIFC, and the access by car or metro it’s very easy. They also offer valet parking service.

The interiors are decorated with Henna inspired carved wood, and you can find different areas, like bar, lounge, restaurant and terrace. I loved the terrace and the views.

Lucky me I visited Mint Leaf for brunch recently and still had the opportunity to enjoy some drinks (delicious sangrias) at the terrace before is too hot. From there you can see Burj Khalifa and Downtown skyline.

Now it’s time to talk about the food. Mint Leaf it’s famous for their authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist. Indian cuisine is very diverse, and at Mint Leaf you can try dished from different regions. They also have unlimited choices, like spicy or mild, vegetarian, meat, seafood, etc.

This brunch work like this: the appetisers will come straight to your table, and then you can choose from the menu the main courses and desserts. You can repeat any dish as many times as you want.

As a starters we had Corn Jor Garam, Churmura (puffed rice and roasted peanuts), tandoori saffron broccoli and Aloo Pudina Tikki (potato, ginger and mint cake).

As a main I had a very nice Sarson Salmon, cooked with mustard and honey, and the traditional Indian curries: chickpeas, lentils, chicken, lamb and cheese, accompanied with bread and rice.

For desserts we had a nice selection of cakes and for drinks my favourite: red sangria. They have a very nice selection of cocktails and spirit.

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