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Lazy Grazing Feast brunch at La Ville

Graze Gastro Grill it’s located in the ground floor of the beautiful La Ville Hotel and Suites in City Walk, with access from the hotel main lobby and from the side street.

The decoration it’s really amazing with the ceilings painted with colorful cows and other animals, steakhouse related items, black and white floor tiles, walls covered in wood and modern and comfortable furniture, especially the leather couches.

Another important highlight it’s the outdoor seating, where guests have the option of dining on the grand terrace.

Their Saturday brunch it’s called Lazy Grazing Feast. You can choose any 3 hours from 1pm till 6pm, and the food and drinks will come directly to your table. Everything is a surprise, as they won’t show you a food or beverages menu in advance.

I had the opportunity to try the Lazy Grazing Feast last Saturday. The food was the most amazing and innovative I’ve seen in a long time, and we know that here in Dubai everyone try do go one step further and do something new.

First they sent a selection of starters, including gazpacho, roasted watermelon and toasts with guacamole, all accompanied with very nice and refreshing cocktails.

Once we were done with the starters, we repeated the gazpacho drink many times, they sent to us a very special soup. They placed on the table a bowl with a clear soup and a big syringe next to it. The syringe was filled with potato puree, and when you put the content in the hot soup the result was like noodles, we really enjoyed that moment and had fun trying that.

For main courses we had a delicious fish with quinoa, king prawns with sweet potato pure and a perfectly cooked steak, alongside with side dishes like pasta, and 2 kind of vegetables.

As in any brunch if you like especially some dish or drink you can repeat as many times as you want, we did it with the prawns.

After some time the desserts arrived. Also very innovative stuff. Cotton candy with strawberry puree, “mini burgers”, mango cup, a delicious drink coffee based and other sweets.

All these are creations from the team of Chef Juan Pablo Dominges from Mexico.

Definitely and as per their own words this is Dubai’s most flexible and relaxed brunch.

Prices are really worth it for the quality of the food, drinks and service AED 199 unlimited food and soft beverages AED 299 unlimited food and a crafted selection of grape and hops AED 399 unlimited food and a crafted selection of premium beverages

Visiting La Ville and Graze Gastro Grill was a great experience, and I hope I can repeat it soon!

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